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This year the athletes who decide to run the Telesia Half Marathon will also be able to use the Pacer Service with the possibility of using the “race assistant” thanks to the partnership with the “Marathon Truppen”, Italy’s most entertaining and compelling Pacer group, directed by Mauro Firmani. This service, offered by Telesia Half Marathon to all the event’s participants, will be guaranteed by expert athletes from all over Italy. The task of the Pacers, or “race assistants”, is to assist you with a constant rhythm during the entire race and to lead you to achieving your personal objective. They will be placed with you at the starting grid according to the time of reference and will be recognisable from their tank top, the coloured balloons and by the time of reference written on the bib on their backs. Their time begins from the race start. The initial gap, if there is one, will be recovered by spreading it evenly over the whole race. You will be able to meet your “race assistants” starting from Saturday 1th October at the Telesia Half Marathon’s Expo and they will be at your disposal for advice and suggestions. Soon, the Telesia Half Marathon’s official website will publish the complete list of predicted times, of the Pacer athletes with their assignation of the starting grid and the colours of the balloons used by each Pacer group. 


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